Introduction (brochure, pdf)

      The problems of modern industry are more and more complex and require an intersectorial and interdisciplinary approach that puts together different competences. In several cases the experimental techniques and the methods of calculus, modelling and simulation, typical of engineering must be supported by the specific knowledge of other disciplines. Therefore, experts of chemistry, applied physics, medicine are present in the PhD scientific panel. In the PhD programme of Industrial Engineering different competences and expertises meet to produce new projects and to realize machines, products and services of practical use.
      The research activity, carried out by PhD students under the supervision and with the help of tutors, aims to solve industrial problems. The spirit of our PhD programme is to train young researchers to become “problem solvers”. Aiming to this target, problems and ideas are discussed and compared in periodic meetings focused on topics of large interest such as the production and conversion of energy, new materials, the engineering research for medicine etc. The practice is very useful for both students and professors. On the one hand students go beyond the specific subject of their thesis to get a more general vision fundamental for developing capability and flexibility in problem solving at the basis of their future work in academy, research centres and industry. On the other hand it is possible to achieve relevant technical results.
      Doctoral research leads to a strong cooperation with industrial companies and to the realization of products and services of practical and economic interest. On these grounds PhD students are stimulated and assisted in presenting research projects in italian and european calls, are involved in activities of technological transfer and realization of industrial spin-offs, and informed about rules for the protection of intellectual property.
      Internationalization is a remarkable feature of the PhD programme in Industrial Engineering since the activities are carried out in strong cooperation with several universities and research institutions of other countries.