Lecture: Automatic measurement systems for electromechanical and biomechanical applications

prof. Stefano Bifaretti – prof. Vincenzo Bonaiuto


Introduction to the process of measurements and treatment of the errors: basic concepts of performance, accuracy, precision, calibration and reliability. Signals classification: analog and logical signals; stationary and non-stationary, deterministic and random. Principles of digital data acquisition systems. The measurement chain: sensors; signal conditioning circuits; Analog to Digital conversion; signal processing methods and data representation. The sampling procedures. The Digital Storage Oscilloscope for measuring of time and frequency domain. The Wattmeter and the Power Analyzer for power quality measure of an electrical network, for Power Converters and Electrical Drives efficiency estimation. Data acquisition for biomechanical and biomedical signals. Introduction to LabVIEW as a tool for developing Virtual Instruments (VIs), graphical programming, and simulation of electrical and measurement systems. Practice VI design and measurements using LabVIEW.