LECTURE: Heat and Mass transfer Modeling in Biomass Thermochemical Conversion

Alessandro Manni

This short course objective is to give an in-depth understanding of the most important issues in biomass thermochemical processes modeling. Pyrolysis, Gasification, Combustion and Hydrothermal Carbonization processes are analyzed.

Firstly, biomass main characteristics and characterization techniques are recalled. Then the thermochemical conversion processes are illustrated by analyzing all the various sub-processes. Special attention is devoted to heat and mass transfer modeling including radiative heat transfer, turbulent flows, and reactions modeling.

Such aspects are analyzed for each conversion technique in order to understand their mechanisms and the modelling key issues. The full understanding of such sub-processes is fundamental to define which is the best modeling strategy.

Such lectures allow to identify both the most appropriate utilization technology for a given biomass based on its properties, and the corresponding most suitable modeling approach.