LECTURE: Optical spectroscopy of nanomaterials

prof. Roberto Pizzoferrato


Introduction to nanomaterials: 0D materials (quantum dots, carbon dots); 1D materials (carbon nanotubes, nanorods, nanowire); 2D materials (graphene, transition metal dichalcogenides, h-BN, etc.). Synthesis procedures: Bottom-up and Top-down. Self-assembling methods. Physical and chemical techniques for nanostructure fabrication.

Optical spectroscopies: Raman, Photoluminescence, and absorption spectroscopy; Fourier Transform InfraRed (FTIR) spectroscopy; Time-resolved optical emission spectroscopy (TCSPC, optical gating techniques); Pump–probe spectroscopy (two-color scheme, transient absorption, etc.); High-resolution imaging techniques (confocal microscopy, SNOM, etc.); Coherent Raman spectroscopy (e.g., CARS, SRS). Applications to sensing. Laboratory activity.