Lecture: Mechanical Spectroscopy: principles and applications

prof. Roberto Montanari


Elasticity and anelasticity. Behaviour of the Standard Linear Solid (S.L.S.) subjected to constant stress or constant strain. S.L.S. subjected to cyclic stress. Mechanical Spectroscopy tests. Maesurement of damping factor Q-1 and dynamic modulus. Relaxation peaks and activation energy. Experimental apparata and techniques.

Applications of metallurgical interest: measurement of the mechanical properties of porous metals and thin films, of the amount of C, N, O and H in solid solution in steels and other alloys, of the diffusion coefficient D, determination of the critical points in martensitic transformations (MS and MF), monitoring of precipitation and ordering, evaluation of structural stability and superplastic regime, investigation of magneto-elastic effects in ferromagnetic materials. Experiments with liquid metals.