Lecture: Optical and X Ray-based diagnostics for non-stationary liquid jets characterization

prof. Luigi Allocca

(Istituto Motori – CNR, Napoli)


 Internal combustion engine basics: fluidynamics, fuelling, combustion. High-pressure, electronically controlled injection apparatus for i.c. engines. Rate of injection. Size distribution of droplets. Non-intrusive measurement techniques: optical and non-conventional. Mie-scattering, Extinction, Imaging. Shadowgraph-Schlieren techniques. Basics and setups: examples of application. Laser Doppler Anemometry & Phase Doppler Particle Analyzer. Need of radiographic techniques to overcome the optical limits in high-dense fluids. X ray-based techniques: extinction. Synchrotron radiation versus desktop X-ray sources. Tomography of a high dense spray. Determination of local air/fuel ratios.