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Date of birth

15 Giugno, 1968

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Departmemnt of Industrial Engineering Rome Tor Vergata University Via del Politecnico 1, 00133 Rome, Italy

Office Location

Building of Industrial Engineering, I floor, Room n. 1040


39 06 72597130


39 338 9607878


39 06 72597158



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Reading skills: fluent
Writing skills: fluent
Verbal skills: good


Current Position

Assistant Professor of Industrial Technical Physics
(SSD ING-IND/10 , SC 09/C2)
Rome “Tor Vergata” University – Department of “Industrial Engineering”.

Member of the “Industrial Engineering” PhD Programme of Rome “Tor Vergata” University


Master Degree in Civil Engineering

PhD in Energy-Environmental Engineering at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”


Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer – 9 CFU
Energy Management – 6 CFU
Industrial Technical Physics 2 – 3 CFU

Research Activities
  • Measurements of thermophysical properties of liquids, nanofluids, solids, porous media such as soils, foods, foams, graphene… by thermal probe, dual probe and laser flash methods and thermofluidynamics

  • Theoretical models to predict the thermal properties of terrestrial and extraterrestrial soils, porous media, foams, composite materials, foods

  • Theoretical and numerical predictions of the heat transfer phenomena occurring in thermal protection of nozzles, re-entry vehicles and other devices.

  • Energy efficiency in buildings, thermal comfort

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Publications (last 5 years)

Publications (last 5 years)
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  2. G.Bovesecchi, S.Corasaniti, G. Costanza, M.E.Tata, A Novel Self-Deployable Solar Sail System Activated by Shape Memory Alloys, Aerospace 2019, 6, 78; DOI:10.3390/aerospace6070078.

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