Lecture: «The ‘Paradox’ of the galilean scientific method…» Methodologies of Modern Physics

prof. Aldo Tucciarone


The surprising interaction of Theory and Experiment, the ANSWER IS NOT UNIQUE!/ Relativity. Light quanta, Waves of matter. ‘Monotheistic’ Science, ‘Geometry’: its limits. Science, Technology, Science. The Method of ‘MODELLING’ : “AS IF”. Indeterminism. Determinism, namely: A STRIKING ‘19th CENTURY ERROR!/ Creativity. The Method of Prejudice/ “REALITY AS-IT-IS” / ‘CERTAINTY’ / Einstein’s ‘GOD’ / the CONFUSION between Physics and Mathemathics. Atoms and Nuclei . Radioactivity. WHY Science, the increasing mystery /the LIMITS of Science. SCIENCE and ‘SCIENZA’.
The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible” Oscar Wilde


● A.Tucciarone, «Provando e Riprovando» tra Dante Boccaccio e Galileo ,
‘CENT’ANNI’: numero celebrativo della Società Italiana di Fisica, Il Nuovo
Saggiatore 14no.3-5(1998)90.  (download pdf)

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● Einstein’s ‘GOD’  (download pdf)

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● WHY SCIENCE. Science and Joy (download pdf)

● O.Wilde (download pdf)

● VIVERE NEL TEMPO (download pdf)